About Kim Jew

Portrait Photographers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kim Jew fell in love with photography when he received his first camera at Highland High School. He created a studio and dark room in his family’s garage and began experimenting with light and shadow. He attended the University of New Mexico as a pre-dental major briefly after high school, but soon realized he wanted to pursue his passion for photography. He decided to attend the Photography Institute of America in Atlanta in 1974 and, once he had graduated, opened his first photography studio in 1976 in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He now has two portrait studios with more than 24 employees and five staff photographers.

Kim Jew’s Unique Style

Kim Jew’s unique perspective changed how portrait photography was done in New Mexico. He created a signature style that blends commercial photography techniques with portraiture. He began by photographing artists such as RC Gorman, sculptor Louise Nevelson, abstract expressionist painter Robert De Niro, Sr., and Picasso’s mistress, Francoise Gilot. As word spread of his innovative style, he became one of the most sought-after photographers in New Mexico. He reached national critical acclaim and has since photographed every U.S. President since Bill Clinton; celebrities such as Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jay Leno; national athletes; governors and industry leaders such as Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, and the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Kim also has extensive experience in fine art and commercial photography, but his greatest passion is shooting family photos and graduation portraits. He loves the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, and his biggest reward is when clients tell him they never knew they could look so beautiful. Through his lens, he sees you the way a mother sees her child, and he has trained all of his photographers on this technique. They give a sharp level of attention to every photography session and know how to bring out the best in you.

You won’t experience a photography session like the one you will experience with Kim Jew Photography. Our photographers all share Kim Jew’s philosophy of bringing out the best in you. That means finding the right lighting, setting, pose or look that captures your unique personality. You can choose to come to our studio on Eubank in the Northeast Heights or our studio in Corrales, or we can photograph you at the location of your choice. Whichever location you choose, you will have fun at a Kim Jew Photography session!

While we do beautiful portrait photography here at Kim Jew Photography, we also offer a wonderful selection of fine art photography prints and provide professional commercial photography for your business.

Your Session

We encourage you to bring your favorite music, your favorite clothes, and any props that help tell your unique story. Our photographers are highly skilled at making you feel comfortable and free to move around to find your best pose. We do not use a set of staged poses in our photographs — our photographers love to capture candid moments. They stay on alert during the session to catch those real-life moments that truly bring out your personality.

Our Photographers

Our photographers are trained by the critically acclaimed and award-winning photographer Kim Jew. Kim has photographed world leaders, U.S. Presidents and celebrities. He’s earned the reputation for creating stunning portraits by blending commercial photography techniques with portraiture to produce a unique style that has transformed portrait photography in New Mexico. Kim Jew only hires photographers who can capture this same style and trains them to ensure their work lives up to the studio’s high standards.

Justin Jew - Portrait Artist at Kim Jew - Photography Studio Albuquerque